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Fully automatic coating machine


Fully automatic coating machine
    The working principle of automatic coating machine: The working principle of the automatic coating machine is the same ,with network printing version, but its performance according to the different type and different manufacturers is different. Silk screen coating machine is set on the vertical frame can clamping net frame of the device. Silk area is level coating structure, the coating mechanism is composed by the coating tank, and control coating groove Angle and pressure of mechanical components and pneumatic components.
    Coated institutions at both ends in the vertical bracket coating machine, through the transmission belt, chain or cable, the coating mechanism moves up and down, along the net surface coating. Transmission mechanism connected to the server or on frequency conversion motor, make it smooth operation, and it can accurately control the position of the coated institutions.
    Before coating,loading the net plate in front of the coating machine, some models also can be installed from the side. In for a big top wire frame design models, the side plate is more common, because net box is big and heavy, the side plate can make the lifting and moving easier. In automatic silk screen coating machine and other automatic silk screen processing equipment (such as cleaning equipment, renewable equipment, drying equipment and developing machine) online running, from the side plate is more convenient.

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