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SBS-1401 is a copolymer made by anionic polymerization from butadiene and styrene in a hydrocarbon solvent using organic lithium as the imitator.It appears as white or light color porous particles with  round rod or wafer shape, excellent adhesive,excellent low temperature endurance,breathability,easy to be colored.It is widely used in modification of road asphalt,adhesive,modification of higher polymer and toys.
Typical Value
Polymer performance Test method Unit Typical Value
Styrene Content   Wt.% 40
Diblock Ratio
  Wt.% 0
Melting Flow Rate CB/T 3680-2000 G/10min 2.00
Toluene Solution Viscosity[   MPa .s 950
Volatiles CB/T 24131-2009 Wt.% 0.50
Ash CB/T 4498-2013 Wt.% 0.10
Physical performance      
Tensile Strength CB/T 528-2009 MPa 24
Elongation at Break CB/T 528-2009 % 730
Permanent Tensile Set Value CB/T 528-2009 % 40
Hardness CB/T 531-2008 Shore A 88

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